"Hue And Chem" H&C is all about solutions of Textile Industries.
"Hue" means colours and tones; where "Chem" derived from Chemistry. So you will find our expertise in every segments of Textile Coloration and where there is Chemistry involved, from Fibre-Spinning or Dyeing-Finishing-Washing.
It is more than 24 years we are in Textile industries. With such a vast experience we are unique to provide best supports in terms of the Safest, most Economic, most Ecological and Sustainable Technology towards Textiles.
Reasearch and Development (R&D) is our strength and passion.

Ensure the Safest, Economic, Ecological and Sustainable Chemistry and Technology for the Human and Environment.

Promote complete solutions in Textile Industries, with the Latest and Eco-friendly Chemistry in Textile Industries specially, Colouration Technology, for a sustainable world.