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Pretreatment process is the first and most important step for textile dyeing and finishing. As it can affect the outcome of the final products in terms of shade, colour yield, hand-feel etc., the chemicals in pretreatment process play an important role. Phisit Intergroup has a wide variety of textile chemicals for pretreatment process and they can be categorised into the following groups.

  LT - 70   Low temp.(30-40º)  C      
  MT - 260    Medium temp.(60-70º);avg.Activity C  
  MT conc.   Medium temp.(60-70º);high.Activity C  
  U - 100   High temp.(85-100º) C  
  HT conc.   Rapid Desizing at high temp C  
    (102-105º) for continous process    



  Improve whiteness for continuous

    and exhaust process    
  KSL   Low foam, can promote whiteness C,T/C  
     suitable for exhaust process    
  AG   High alkali tolarence and very good C,T/C  
  JET   Low foam, suitable for j C,T/C  
  DC   Economic for continuous and exhaust C,T/C  
  NND   Economic one bath sourcing and dyeing p  
    suitable for exhaust process    
  DO   One-bath sourcing and dyeing p  
    suitable for exhaust process    


  RMC    Mercerizing agent in 25-30ºBe' NaOH       C           
  MC-LF   Improve dyeing penetration in padding       C  
  NF   Rapid wetting duitsble in desizing,       C  
    dyeing and finishing    


  OST   Silicate-free for exhaust process      C
  PL   Silicate-free for continous process      C


  APE        Used after bleaching in exhaust process      C           
    saving water, time and energy    


  COO     Neutral stone wash for denim      C       
  305   Acid stone wash for denim      C  
  404   Bio finishng/antipilling for     
    exhaust process    


  Nilq. Conc      Core neutralizer, mainly used after       C,T/C           
    bleaching and mercerizing    


  PW(New)     Prevent re-deposit of Indigo dyes       C          


  NDT      Solvent scour for remove oil and stain      All           
  NDL   Low foam solvent scour for remove oil      All  
    and stain    



  Prevent speckiness on fabric especially for

    turquoise shade    
  SN, SNC   Prevent white stains especially for      C  
     deep shade reactive dyes     
  PPH   Catching iron oxide on fabrics      C  
  FE-1000   Prevent pin hole when bleaching with       C  

  H2O2 for continuous and exhaust 

  RED   Catching metals in water, preventing      P,N  
    blue stains and shade change    
  DS   2 in 1; can be used in disperse and reactive dyeing    P,C,T/C