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These are textile chemicals that have special purposes which do not perfectly fit into our previous three steps. For examples, OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) is for white textiles, Binder is for pigment printing.

  NF          Non silicone defoamer; good stability       C,P           
    in alkali and acid condition    


  APY          Prevent fabrics from phenolic       C,N          
    yellowing when stored    
  APY-LF   Low Foaming type of Epictex APY       C,N  


  BA 267%      High affinity, neutral to bluish shade      C,N           


  ZF        Zero formaldehyde binder      All         
  PD   Binder for pigment exhaust dyeing      All  
  710   Binder for pigment printing      All  
  TL   Binder for pigment continuous dyeing      All  
  PRC    Dispersant for pigment continuous dyeing      All  
  Bronze No. 8   Binder of metal and effect pigment      All  


  AR             Remove reactive and acid fixing agent       C,N