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Finishing process is the final step of textile dyeing and finishing. This step is necessary to assure that textile are soft handle which, in this case, can be provide by softener chemicals. Besides soft handle, other finishing chemicals can produce special textile effects such as wrinkle free, flame retardant, water repellent, anti-microbial etc.

  ECO        Glyoxal resin; meet OekeTex Standard 10      C,T/C              
    class 2 and AATCC 112    
  COC-S   Economically low formaldehyde resin      C,T/C  
  M-3   Melamine formaldehyde  resin     


  FC           Catalyst for Epicpret ECO and COC-S        C,T/C            
  ECX   Catalyst for Epicpret M-3        C,T/C   


  IJD    Economic cationic softener       C,T/C  
  VNH     Low yellowing softener       C,T/C  
  ANK   Non yellowing and can achive a full       C,T/C  
     white & bright colour    
  QE Conc   Hydrophillic softener;provide a full          C  
        soft handle                 
  HCS Flake   Cold water dilutable cationic softener       C,T/C  
  PEG   Polyethylene based to improve tear          C  
     strength when add with resin    
  MD   High absorbency and wicking property         P,N  


  AW          Effectively reduce yarn friction; greatly        C                  
    improve knitability and sewability    


  EM         Suitable for stiffening and selvage sizes      C          
    of all kinds of fabric;impart stiffness and    
    thick handle    
  MS Extra   Same as Epictan EM but less harshness     C,P  


  ASS         Silicide acid dispersion; slightly sandy       P,N            


  CNL      Durable for exhaustion and padding       P        


  FR-C      Nitrogen/Ammonium compound;       P          
    can be used with melamine resin    


  SEK            Soft and smooth handle; suitable for        C                  
    exhaust and padding process    
  AP   Hydrophillic silicone softener with         P  
    non-slip effect    
  SNA   Non-yellowing hydrophillic amino        C  
    sillicone softener    
  SSW   For terry towel; can be used in exhaust        C  
  SND   Excellent hydrophillicity and wicking        C  
  SWT   Non-yellowing amino sillicone with       All  
     water absorbancy      
  ELN   Sillicone elastomer;smooth and soft     C,T/C  
  DHK   Very high softness & smooth especially     P,T/C  
    on polyester    
  DSF   Hydrophobic; excellent slipery     C,T/C  


  FE            C8 Fluorinated water & oil repellent        P,T/C              
  EP   Fluorocarbon free (CO) water repellent        P,T/C