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Dyeing is the second step of textile dyeing and finishing. Not only dyestuffs will be used in this step, but also many textile chemicals will be used in the process as well. Dyeing chemicals are mandatory in order to ensure that the quality of textiles meet customers’ requirement such as colour levelness, washing fastness etc.

  K liquide    Improve dispersibility of disperse dyes       P              


    DL   Improve levelnes and correct        C  
    unlevelness of direct dyes    
  ST-50   Suirable for disperse dyes and can        P  
    reduce machine staining issue    
  2001   Economic levelling for disperse dyes          P        
  RD -50 new   For one-bath dyeing, resistant to salt     T/C  
  ES conc   Used for acid dyes, good for yarn dyed       N  
  FTS conc   Used for acid dyes, good for all machines       N  
  SET   Used for metal complex dyes       N  


  HTN           Odorless, pass, Oeko Tex Standard 100         P              


  JET       Low foam, stable in alkali, acid, salt,       C/P  
    hard water and high temp.    
   C2G   Softening agent and anticrease agent         C          
    for bleaching and dyeing in exhaustion    
  PC,HP,NP   Multi-functional agent in dyeing         P,N  
    finishing for synthetics and its blends    
    (anticrease / hydrophillic /soil release)    


  OZ         Used for oligomer remover especially       P          
    with package dyeing machines    




  Biodegradable reducing agent        P          
  RC   Biodegradable reducing agent; used        P  
    the same dosage as hydross (Na2O2S4)    
  RCL   Eco-friendly reducing agent        P  

  MRO          Stain remover and machine cleaner      All          


  RSN   Economic and used for reactive dyes      C  
  XC-W   Used for reactive dyeing and printing;      C  
     prevent staining on the background    
  B special   Quickly remove excess dyes;     P,N  
    best result on continuous dyeing    
  TCW-01   2in1;wash on reactive and disperse dye      T/C  
           in one bath;R/C is not needed              
  ELO,   Correct T/C fabric by removing stained     T/C  
  ELO conc   colour in polyester    
  DG, CP   Used for printed fabric with acid dyes;      N  
    prevent staining on the background    


   AA    Improve wet fastness of direct dyes     C   
  WHB   Improve wet fastness of reactive dyes     C  
  FFR conc   Improve wet fastness of reactive dyes     C  
    to meet high fastness requirement    
  DRN   Eco-friendly for direct & reactive fyes     C  
  CCK   Improve wet & chlorine fastness of      C  
        reactive dyes               
  RBW   Improve rubbing fastness for eactive     C  
  EPA   Improve wet fastness of acid dyes     N  
  NBO   Improve wet fastness of acid dyes     N  
    to meet high fastness equirement    


  AS            Alkali buffer of reactive dyeing       C            
  ABS   2in1; acid buffer & dispersing agent       C     
     for disperse dyes    
  GBK   Improve level dyeing with difficult color       N  
    and substrates    


  SEA     2in 1 acid buffer & chelating agent      P         
     for disperse dyes    
  PH 4.0   acid for disperse dyes      P  


  AR Liquid       Prevents reduction of disperse dyes;      P,T/C          
    improve yield and reproducibity    


  NS       Wetting and penetrating agent for      All          
    jet and package machine    
  WR   wetting and deaerating agent with       All  
    defoaming property